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Data Collection Forms

CARET Data Collection Forms and Contact Schedule

 Contact schedule¹
( -- collection was at all time points unless otherwise noted)

CV = Clinic Visit  PC = Phone Contact MQ=Mailed Questionnaire
   Post-intervention phases
 Data collection forms²Baseline
Intervention phase
  CV (x1)CV (x1/year)
PC (x2/year)
CV (x1)
PC (x2)
PC or MQ (1x/year)
 Cancer and death endpoints Confirmation of Cancer Endpoint

Confirmation of Death Endpoint
 Blood specimensBlood Collection and Processing
(CVs, every two
years only)

(CV only)
 Dietary intakeFood Frequency Questionnaire
(CVs, every two
years only)

(CV only)
 Smoking historyQuestionnaire #1
  (baseline, Q.1-Q.7)

Health questionnaire #4
  (follow-up, Q.27)
 Supplemental vitamin useContact Summary

(CVs only)
 Health history Health Questionnaire #4
(CVs only)
 Family history of cancerQuestionnaire #1
 Respiratory historyRespiratory History Questionnaire
(CVs, every two
years only)

(CV only)
 (asbestos workers only)
(CVs, every two
years thereafter)

(CV only)
 (asbestos workers only)
Study Center X-Ray Review   
 Work historyQuestionnaire #1
 (age, race, sex, marital status³,
  and education level)
Questionnarie #1

Contact Information Update
 Height, weight, blood pressureContact Summary

(CVs only)
(CV only) 
¹ Reflects contact schedule for most participants; participants enrolled during the pilot phase were contacted more frequently than those enrolled during the full-scale trials. Contact schedule specifics can be found here.
² Examples of commonly used data collection forms are provided. Forms were modified over the course of the study, but data items within the questionnaires were generally consistent, if not identical.
³ Marital status was collected at all contacts
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