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The CARET Biorepository includes biologic material from the 18,314 CARET participants. Participants enrolled in the two pilot studies which preceded CARET (all of whom remain part of CARET) had blood collected at the first visit, the 4th-month visit, and each annual visit. Participants enrolled after the pilot had blood collected at the first visit and at every other annual visit. Blood draws ended in 1997, one year after the CARET intervention had been stopped. Serum samples were collected at all draws. Plasma collection occurred throughout the duration of the pilot studies (1985 – 1988), and continued at Vanguard/Efficacy visits through February 1990. Collection of whole blood and dried blood spots was attempted at a single time point for each participant during visits conducted from 1994-1997. The Specimen Collection Timeline (PDF) shows the type, quantity, and timing of blood specimen collection.

Tumor and normal tissue, in the form of pathology slides and paraffin blocks, was collected from 1995 to 1997 and from 1999 to 2003. However, collection was both prospective and retrospective; attempts to obtain tissue were made for all confirmed lung cancer cases reported by June 2003.
Blood aliquots were stored at -20°C at the study centers immediately after the draw. Within two weeks of collection, samples were shipped on dry ice to the Coordinating Center, where they entered long-term storage at -70°C.
Additional information about the CARET biorepository and specimen bank can be found by either viewing one of the report snapshots or through use of the search utility:

CARET Blood Specimen Summary (PDF)
CARET Tissue Specimen Summary (PDF)
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