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The Early Detection Initiative (EDI) randomized trial is jointly funded by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) and NCI. The purpose of EDI is to develop a feasible and cost-effective approach using imaging in a high-risk new onset diabetes population to detect pancreatic cancer when it can be surgically removed. This transformative program aims to rapidly accelerate progress to develop an early detection strategy for pancreatic cancer.

Working in collaboration with government and research institutions, the PanCAN Early Detection Initiative is a unique opportunity to analyze patients’ blood and other biospecimens for pancreatic cancer biomarkers in a large multi-institutional study. In conjunction, in a designated subset of patients, we will use existing imaging and accelerate the development of improved imaging technology to allow doctors to catch pancreatic cancer sooner when lesions are small.

COMPASS serves as the data management and coordinating center for EDI.